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I’m so glad you’re here! You truly rock, because you just made a commitment to yourself by choosing to create a life that serves the most important person in your world: YOU. This month is all about making your life happen on your own terms. It’s about coming back to the YOU that you know you are, deep down—the woman who is infinitely vibrant and ready to make life happen.

The Ultimate Anti-Cleanse

Consider the month ahead a 30-day anti-cleanse. Think about it; when you do a cleanse, you are usually trying to get rid of your sluggishness or a few extra pounds. This month, instead of dropping the stuff you don’t love about yourself, you can dive into your mess—which constitutes the good, the bad, and the ugly of who you are, leaving NOTHING out—and emerge with an attitude of gratitude and acceptance.

What You’ll Get

I can definitely say—as a mom, a wife, and a businesswoman—the ultimate self-care is getting rid of the “I shoulds” and “if onlys” to simply be with what is…with yourself, as you are in this very moment. Whether you’ve been dreading each day up until this point, or have just been skating by with the life you’ve been living, but definitely not energized by it, I promise that you will be amazed at the possibilities you will create for yourself in the next 30 days.

Here’s what you’ll do over the next month:

  • Define what joy means to you on your own terms.
  • Uncover the inspiration, self-acceptance, and courage you need to take charge of your destiny.
  • Cut out the things that deplete your time, energy, and resources—and connect to what really matters.
  • Know what makes you come alive and achieve a greater sense of passion and purpose.
  • Find your true brilliance in the middle of your life—the messy, the glorious, all of it!
  • Leave with a customized action plan for making life happen—both on a day-to-day basis and in the bigger picture of your life.

7 Messy Tools

Over the next month, you’ll work with seven tools that will unlock your messiest and most brilliant self:

Your Roadmap

These tools create a framework for living a life of genuine joy and for realizing your true potential as a messy human! I discovered them over years of figuring out what worked for me, and connecting with women who were eager to figure out what worked for them. None of what I came up with is rocket science, but when you plug these tools into your life, it will be like piecing together the jigsaw puzzle of your true brilliance.

Now for the Nitty-Gritty

It’ll take you 30 days to go through all the exercises. Why 30 days? Well, it’s short enough for you to complete with ease (instead of adding another to-do to your long list) but also a big enough span of time so that you can feel and experience lasting change. I would give you all of the stats about consistency and habits being formed in a certain amount of time, but I know you want to get started—so just trust me on this one!

Each week comes with an introductory video and a weekly theme below:

Bonus Days | Your Roadmap

In the final two days of the course, you will integrate the new skills and tools you’ve learned and create an action plan that will bring your messy brilliance to the forefront.

More Details

Every day over the next month, you’ll get an email that reminds you to log in to your course portal, where you’ll be given the exercise for the day. You can do this course at your own pace, but I want you to try sticking to a 30-day schedule, so you’ll really get to experience the full benefits. And try not to skip ahead or do the days out of order, as the days build on each other.

At the beginning of each themed week, you will read a general introduction watch a video that describes the content you can expect for the week ahead. Each of these pages also includes an area where you can journal about your feelings and intentions for the week ahead, before you move on. For each day you complete, you’ll click the area where it says “click when completed” before moving on to the next day, and so on.

Each numbered day of the course includes the following: a question to consider, a principle to learn and integrate, an action to take in your life, and “Messy Notes”—a section that provides a space to journal about what you got out of that activity. This journaling space is totally private, so you’re the only one who’ll see it. (You’ll be able to view what you are typing.) Just remember to hit “save” if you want to keep what you’re journaling before you move on to the next day and have a running log of your experiences with the course. This section will be labeled private.

For each day, there will also be a public forum where you can add any comments that you want to share with my team and the larger community of course participants. You can include your name, or choose to remain anonymous. This is a great place to ask questions and to connect with other messily brilliant people. Please just remember to be respectful and to remember that everyone is on their own individual journey. This section will be labeled public.

And, of course, be sure to give yourself a break; if you don’t feel like journaling or if you miss an activity, that’s okay. You can always come back to it. And you don’t have to share anything at all in our public forum if you don’t want to. Remember to push your edges whenever you’re motivated. Finally, if you have any questions or need additional support, email me at info@kellymcnelis.com. I am here for you!

I promise you that in the next 30 days, you will find inspiration, self-acceptance, and the courage to take charge of your destiny.

Now, let’s get started!

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