Week 4 Days

Week 4 | Dream Big

Can you believe it?

You’re in your final week of Embrace Your Messy Brilliance in 30 Days!

Seriously, you’ve done so much incredible work (well, some of it was more play than actual work), so I am sending you a giant virtual hug. As I told you in week one, this isn’t really a personal development course as much as it’s a course for learning to accept yourself and discovering that your brilliance has always been inside of you. And in many ways, it’s about diving deep rather than soaring high.

Now, despite the title of this week’s theme, I’m not going to give you some lecture about reaching for the stars or pushing yourself to your limits. I don’t really think that’s what the fulfillment of our heartfelt dreams is about. To me, dreaming big means taking the steps that align our internal desires with our external circumstances. This balancing act brings us into close contact with ourselves and reminds us what we are actually capable of.

Sadly, many of us are taught that success is about custom-fitting ourselves into a mold that doesn’t end up working to our advantage. It’s kind of like buying an ill-fitting off-the-rack dress because we don’t think we can find anything that suits our unique shape. But when we truly accept who we are, we come back into a state of balance and the right fit, rather than forcing our star-shaped pegs into round holes.

We naturally originate in a state of balance, but life can take us off course. All of us long to come back into this harmony. However, our soul—that part of us that is intrinsically wise, courageous, whole, and beautiful—is already in balance. It never actually left that place! It’s just a matter of bringing the rest of who we are into alignment with this deep inner knowing.

So, for me, dreaming big isn’t about choosing goals that will one-up the people around us. It’s about getting out of our own way right now, so that we can surrender to the magic life has in store for us.

When you are aligned with your integrity and values, taking action becomes easy and intuitive.

Messy Brilliance Notes

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