Week 4 Days

Create a Vision for Your Life | Day 24

What if all dreams began by allowing your imagination to run wild? 

Now that you’ve dreamt big by creating your bucket list and identifying what you’ve always wanted to do, let’s create a vision worthy of you.

Dreaming big always starts with the visions you are willing to let yourself have. As the old saying goes, “If you can see it, you can achieve it.” Many people have talked about the importance of creating a tangible vision for your dreams—the kind where you can literally taste, smell, hear, touch, and see the life that you want for yourself. It really all begins with you and what you are willing to let yourself imagine.

Just like our nighttime dreams, our imaginations can be the gateway to our intuitive knowing. When we access them, we can reveal solutions and ways of paving the road to our desires. Let’s take it a little deeper. Maybe what we see really is what we get—but what if we decided to start in our mind’s eye?


Take some time today to create a vision for the life you want for yourself: one year from now, five years from now, ten years from now, and as far ahead as you’d like to imagine. Remember, you don’t have to push it. Just bring your desire into the room, using your bucket list as information, and see what naturally arises. Where are you living? How are you spending your time? With whom are you spending it? How do you feel? Remember, nothing you see is too big or too small. Give your imagination free rein. Now that you have envisioned it, take out some magazines and cardboard, and create a vision board. (Or, if you prefer, use Pinterest to assemble images you love.) You can also sing, paint, dance, or express your vision in another way altogether!

Take one action today that will “seed” your vision in your reality. Perhaps, if part of your vision was to live by the ocean and swim with the dolphins, you can watch a documentary on dolphins or decorate your home with seashells. Be sure to come back to your visions frequently…as well as continually plant the seeds for their fulfillment!

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