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Your Roadmap

Altogether, the exercises in this course have described a path that many of us approach with a mixture of excitement and dread. But when we accept that a crucial part of our purpose on this Earth is to dive into the mystery rather than plot out our every step, we can willingly forge ahead and create a path of our making.

When you create your own destiny, you choose life above everything else: above old concepts, above idealized images, and above the many soul-crushing yet time-honored methods that so many people use in order to numb out from the intensity of our messy brilliance.

Choosing your messy brilliance isn’t about entering a state of instant nirvana; you are likely to have plenty more shitty moments, as well as experiences that will blow your mind and expand your awareness of what’s possible. When you are present to each of these, you can incorporate them into your personal roadmap so that they become beautiful signposts along the way. And, more important, you can embrace the messy moments instead of dreading them or pushing them away.

So, what’s your roadmap?

It is simply your brilliance made concrete—the culmination of all the tools you’ve picked up throughout this course. Following your roadmap requires courage. But the good news is, if you’ve gotten this far, you already have what it takes.

Your roadmap is a response to the deep hunger you’ve felt for an answer that is less a series of items to mark off your to-do list and more a holistic recipe for feeding your soul on a daily basis. In the next couple days, you’ll be doing just that!

Messy Brilliance Notes

Before you head into the last couple days, write down some notes on how you feel about Your Roadmap. Have you ever worked with one? What would your ideal roadmap for life—consisting of daily routines that help you remember your messy brilliance—look like?
Type your notes here, then click save.

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