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Create Your Roadmap | Day 30

What’s your plan for bringing your messy brilliance to life?

Self-discovery has many, many layers. Even when we think we’ve got it all figured out, things are seldom as they seem. When we shift our perspective toward recognizing the multifaceted web of stories, emotions, thoughts, and beliefs that make up who we are, we realize that figuring it out isn’t the point.

After all, you are already whole and complete! Ultimately, you don’t need a course to make you a better person in any way! The exercises you’ve done in the last month are simply there to polish the diamond of your brilliant being and move you into a deeper intimacy with your messy brilliance.

This is what the exercise for our final day together will help you come into contact with. While we have intended for it to carry you through your next 30 days, you can continue to use it to help you chart your progress and clarify your goals.

Of course, since creating your roadmap is all about customizing to your heart’s desire, I want you to add your own set of practices to the ones in the activity below, which will help spark your imagination and encourage you to build passion-affirming rituals into your day-to-day.

Practicing the art of bringing your messy brilliance to life isn’t just about taking action; it’s also about creating the kind of foundation that allows you to sustain change over time, in a way that is joyful, fun, and inspires you to keep taking those baby steps. Growth shouldn’t be like forcing a flower to grow out of concrete. It can also be about sustaining the practices and habits that fill us up with our own brilliance. Your power will emerge not from trying to fit yourself into some prefabricated box of awesomeness, but from discovering the containers that feel best to you. (Email me at to let me know what you come up with!)


Download the following worksheet. You may choose to print it out, or you can simply fill it out on your computer every day, being sure to save each day as its own worksheet. You can choose to work with a single intention for the next 30 days, or you can work with whatever is in your life at any given moment. At the end of your 30 days, step back and think of how your Roadmap has helped you to chart your progress and clarify your goals. And, if you are inspired, continue to use the worksheet!

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