Week 1 Days

Week 1 | Cultivate Your Joy

Let’s face it, joy is what life is all about!

It’s what we experience when we throw our arms around everything life has to give us, and we love the hell out of it. But too often, we get stuck in a pattern of delaying our joy for tomorrow; maybe we’ll finally get to the end of that rainbow…but only when we retire, lose weight, win the lottery, or fill-in-the-blank-with-our-favorite-excuse!

But what if joy wasn’t about “getting” to some destination at the end of the rainbow? What if it was about embracing our crazy, messy, and wonderful lives just as they are?

Our capacity for joy is one that the lucky few have tapped into. Think about it—joy isn’t exactly high on our list of priorities. From a young age, the concept of hard work is drilled into us. We are fed this idea that hard work will give us satisfaction and a sense of purpose.

So, let’s flip that. Purpose begins with how we are feeling and being, not what we are doing. In order to come to a genuine sense of what is important to us, we can’t simply push or pull or work extra hard and with dogged determination to get something. We must learn to live into our messy brilliance, which is always accessible to us, right where we stand.

The first three days of this week are foundational days for our course, meaning they’ll be important touchstones we’ll return to over and over in the next 30 days—so be sure to take your time and savor the activities. Find ways to incorporate them into your day, with intention and the knowledge that they will take you straight into the heart of your messy brilliance.

Messy Brilliance Notes
Before you head into this week’s exercises, write down some notes on how you feel about Cultivating Your Joy. Are you excited? Nervous? Scared? What would you like to get out of this week? (Remember, these are private notes that only you can view.)
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