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Appreciate YOU! | Day 7

How often do you stop to let yourself know how much you love YOU?

Being your own cheerleader ain’t easy. For starters, most of us who grew up with a critical guardian have chosen self-deprecation over self-love. Our desire for perfection is one of the deepest wounds we carry. Usually, the need to get it right—to have the “perfect” body, career, partner, or life—comes from shame that we’ve experienced in the past. We all carry scars from past trauma, and we all deal with them in our own ways. So let’s dig a little deeper and acknowledge how our shame causes us to conceal our deepest beauty and strength, and how it keeps us from accessing our joy.

Now, I totally get that self-love mantras and affirmations that have picked up so much steam in the New Age world can feel so canned and disingenuous. But offering yourself appreciation and love isn’t about glossing over the bad shit and pretending that everything is peachy. It’s about taking a deeper look at what worked and what didn’t, and then being your own best friend, regardless of the circumstances—offering encouragement and recognition of how awesome you actually are.


Make a short list of your perceived imperfections and flaws. What are the things you don’t typically like about yourself? Try and open up to the notion that the lenses through which you look at yourself are as accurate as a funhouse mirror. If that’s the case, can you simply put them down for a moment and get real with what you actually see? Can you look at your body, your house, your career, your life, with deep love? Now, for each of the flaws you wrote, create a statement of appreciation. For example, if you decided that your thighs are too big, your statement might be, “I love my strong and juicy thighs.” Choose one appreciative statement from your list as your mantra for the day. Now, get out there and flaunt it! Wherever you are in your emotional and physical life (premenstrual and cranky, or clear and inspired), take some time to let YOU know that you see, love, and care about that gorgeous being staring back at you in the mirror.

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