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Open Up to the Joy That’s Already Here | Day 6

What if finding your joy were simply a matter of paying attention?

I’ve met so many women who tell me that they don’t know what brings them joy. So I want to ask you: When are you the most alive and joyful? When do your body, senses, and soul feel like they’re on fire? Is it when you’re spending time laughing your ass off with your favorite friends and family members? When you’re in the arms of a lover? When you see something that evokes beauty and mystery?

At the end of the day, joy isn’t about coming up with some grand and glamorous plan for what life should look like. It’s way simpler than that. We discover our joy when we pay attention to the tiniest of details and situations.

When you notice the world around you, you become more engaged with your life. You let your intuition lead you down detours and talk to interesting-looking strangers, just because. Every moment becomes an opportunity to discover this state of being. When you are consciously cultivating joy, it’s so much easier to find the breadcrumbs that will lead to the people, situations, and experiences that are most valuable to you.

This is the true power of joy.


Whenever something in your environment, thoughts, or feelings captures your attention today, get in the habit of moving toward it—mentally, emotionally, or physically. Instead of skipping to the next item to check off your to-do list, slow down and move toward your curiosity and what naturally lights you up. It might be a song on the radio, a bright red poppy in a field, a post on a friend’s Facebook page, or just a vague twinkle in your peripheral vision. Don’t think too hard about this; allow your inner child to lead the way.

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