Week 2 Days

Week 2 | Dive into the Mess

OK, this is the part you know you signed up for, whether you realize it or not!

We are not here to be carbon copies of the “perfect” woman (whoever she is…because honestly, she doesn’t exist!). In order to become more of who we are and to move into our truth, we must be willing to face ourselves, courageously and unflinchingly. And in order to get to our messy brilliance, we must wade through the muck of who we are.

So for this week, let’s untangle that ball of yarn that contains our idealized images—those false values we’ve been trained by our society to hold dear, even though they don’t align with our deep-down truth. I want you to embrace your perceived imperfections. I need to warn you: The process is neither pretty nor simple. I am the first person to admit that owning your messiness can mean giving the middle finger to the status quo. It’s also about facing up to your inner demons and being willing to connect with them, listen to them, and maybe even become friends. This is the meaning of true freedom because it allows us to shove off the weight of all the “shoulds” that so many women drag behind them with the stamina of superheroines…albeit, really really exhausted ones.

And we all know that hiding huge parts of ourselves is exhausting.

Freedom is about truth, and truth is all about embracing every last part of ourselves. When we are our truest selves, we are a conglomeration of the beautiful and ugly parts—light and shadow that weave together to create a complex whole. You can own, love, and honor all of the strands of thread that make up your personal tapestry. And when you do this, you let others benefit from your wisdom, and you empower them to accept themselves.

So, are you ready? Let’s dive into the glorious mess together. Be sure to return to the tools from the foundational days—your anchor, your sanctuary, and your movement practice—which will be especially helpful as we go into the depths this week.

Messy Brilliance Notes
Before you head into this week’s exercises, write down some notes on how you feel about Diving into the Mess. Are you excited? Nervous? Scared? What would you like to get out of this week?
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