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Get A Handle On Your Self-Talk | Day 9

How does the way you talk to yourself affect your daily life?

Our emotional world is usually super messy and hard to keep track of, which is probably why most of us pay such little attention to our internal dialogue. A lot of times, we take our thoughts and feelings as gospel truth. “I feel like crap today” or “I never do it right” become matter-of-fact statements rather than things that make us stop to take stock of what’s really going on. When we believe the shitty things we are telling ourselves, they end up impacting the rest of our day…and our lives.

Today’s exercise is about recognizing that “negative” emotions aren’t the problem. The problem is when we start letting those emotions define us. But you can experience the freedom that comes from an awareness of what you’re telling yourself, and how it’s impacting you. In this place, you can know that you are not your emotions, or even your beliefs. In fact, you can take this a step further and start to see how so many of your thoughts are unconsciously shaped by the experiences you’ve had in the past, and how this impacts the way you show up in the world.


Check in with yourself today. Recognize the little thoughts that flit through your mind on a variety of topics: your body, your career, relationships, and anything else that comes to mind. Write down or record yourself speaking some of those thoughts. Make sure that you capture at least 20, and pay special attention to the self-deprecating or negative internal dialogue. When the day is done, come back to the thoughts you captured. Ask yourself, “Whose voice is this?” and notice whether or not someone comes to mind. Maybe it’s the voice of a critical parent or a backbiting frenemy. Then, ask, “Are these statements true? Do I want them to be my truth?” Commit to gaining awareness about your self -talk and making the simple decision to shift what’s true for you, so that you can begin to show up differently for yourself and the world.

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