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Get Comfortable with Your Fears | Day 11

What if your messy brilliance lived on the other side of your fears?

I remember reading two acronyms for the word fear: Forget Everything and Run, or, Face Everything and Rise.

I know I’ve done both throughout my life, but these days, I’m so much more interested in doing the latter and diving in. So when experiences of fear come up, I use them as opportunities to see what I’m made of. Instead of avoiding the issue, I ask how I can face it while exercising the utmost compassion for myself.

This doesn’t mean that I’ll get it right or hit it out of the ballpark every time; it just means that I allow my fear to be one of the things that helps me to open my heart and be courageous. I also try to be compassionate about my fears and to consider how I can shift rigid patterns that keep me feeling stuck. When I approach fear with the understanding that it’s one of the most important gatekeepers to my greatness, I actually address it with eagerness and sometimes even excitement…because I know that something beautiful lives right in the midst of my fear: my messy brilliance.


Take a few minutes to write out a list of some of your greatest fears, from the seemingly minor to the overwhelmingly large. Notice whether or not there are any common themes that come up in your fears (for example, maybe your fears are connected to other people, or perhaps they have to do with pursuing your dreams). Choose one fear that feels particularly strong or edgy and that, if you were to face it, could lead to an enormous sense of freedom. Write down the ways this freedom might manifest in your life. (For example, maybe moving through the fear could lead to better relationships, more self-confidence, a deeper sense of purpose, etc.) Take one small baby step that allows you to Face Everything and Rise.

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