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Move Your Body | Day 2

What if we could discover our passion and move into our joy not by “thinking” ourselves into it but by moving our bodies?

Today isn’t about exercising or trying to get the perfect body. It’s about moving energy and emotions through your body so that you can experience both clarity and vitality. For many women, connecting with and nourishing our bodies is an uphill battle. Many of us can spend a lifetime hanging out in our heads and neglecting what’s going on in our physical bodies. The downsides to this are many. As feminine beings, our bodies connect us to our intuition, our health, our pleasure, and our desire. Taking the time to move your body, especially over the next month, will reap lots of benefits, including stress relief and better sleep. Not to mention, it helps you to literally move stagnant emotions and “blah” states of being out of your body so that you can open up to clarity and inspiration. Don’t worry—this isn’t about being athletic or graceful, or even loving your body. It’s really just about giving yourself the space to integrate your experiences while you’re on the journey—not through your mind but through your body.


Take a few moments to breathe into your body. Then, crank up the stereo to your favorite music, and dance it out for at least five minutes. Trust your body to move however it wants to. Remember, this isn’t about looking good—it’s just about getting your heart pumping and emotions flowing. Now, take a look at whatever wants to surface, without any judgment or criticism. After all, this isn’t about getting it right or judging yourself. It’s about letting your body express everything that your mind cannot. Trust me, if you take the time to incorporate this little ritual into your life on the regular, you’ll know what I’m talking about. Some days, you might need to make smaller, more subtle movements—and other days you might need to use your voice and scream from the rooftops. Tune in to what your body needs on a daily basis. Simply ask it that question, and over time, you will have made your body your best friend.

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