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Take Baby Steps—Lots of Them | Day 29

What if transformation occurred not through drastic actions but through consistent baby steps?

From my experience, life isn’t about the magical a-ha moments that kick our butts into gear and cause us to paint the brush of change over absolutely everything around us. Who wants that kind of pressure?!

Life is all about the gradual transformations, which take place in percentages. We will never reach the finish line, because there will always be new mountains to climb and realizations to make.

In fact, I’ve noticed that people who attempt transformation in one fell swoop are using it to escape from various situations in their lives rather than effect the kind of sustainable change that keeps us grounded in our values and our beautiful messiness.

Don’t worry if you are the kind of person who sometimes feels intimidated by the prospect of change, and all the big boulders you would need to push to get where you want to go. Change is a long process that starts with the little decisions you make in your day-to-day.

The journey of a lifetime starts with a single step. The baby steps are like the bricks that make up the foundation of a house; without them, you’ve got nothing. So don’t take them for granted or think that your life needs to be all about “big” actions. It’s the steadfast, consistent, little steps that count.


Go back to the vision statement you created for yourself on Day 24, where you set the scene for the life that you know is within reach. After taking some time to examine that vision, select one aspect of your vision that you want to work with. Write it down and brainstorm at least three powerful choices you might make. Make sure that these actions are direct and specific! When we set goals that feel too vague, it becomes less likely that we get around to them. For example, if you’ve always had a dream to paint, one possible action could be to buy an adult coloring book and some watercolors at your local craft store.

Post your list of baby-step actions somewhere visible. For the next few days, practice making simple but powerful choices in the areas of your life where you want to experience greater joy and passion, using your own suggestions as guidelines. Keep adding to your baby steps and celebrate victories in progress, as they add up to major shifts.

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