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Celebrate and Evaluate! | Day 28

Can you believe that we’re at the final day of this week?

Now, you might think I’m going to tell you to go out and do something extra elaborate, but guess what? I’m not! This journey isn’t about adding extra stuff to your plate. It’s about getting rid of the shoulds and offering yourself the care you need. Because when it comes down to it, dreaming big isn’t possible until we come back to self-love and that joy we set as a foundation early in the course.


Revisit your tools from the first three days—your anchor, your sanctuary, and your movement practice—and take the rest of the day to celebrate! That could look any way you want it to. Maybe it means an ice-cream cone or glass of wine at lunch (seriously, go ahead…I’m not judging!), or an hour in your PJs watching Netflix. Whatever you instinctively feel will boost your sense of well-being is what I want you to move toward, no matter what that looks like. At the end of the day, to mark where the journey has taken you, write a few notes evaluating the difference between when you first started and where you are now.

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