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Recognize How Far You've Come in Your Life | Day 22

When do you take the time to celebrate your accomplishments, no matter how big or small?

Before you can begin to dream big, you have to remember the values of gratitude and self-appreciation, which we explored earlier this month. Sometimes, we are so busy planning for the future that we forget to take stock of just how much we have accomplished and the degree to which we’ve transformed in our lives. Yes, this process can be super subtle, and it’s definitely hard to see it from one’s own limited vantage point, but every single one of us is constantly growing and evolving: mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually.

When you gain perspective on the ways you’ve manifested beauty and success in your life (and trust me, they are countless), you also maintain the confidence that is needed to keep going, and to expect even more awesomeness to come your way.


Make a list of all of your accomplishments in the last five years…the last decade…over the course of your entire life! Note the small and major triumphs, the subtle and dramatic shifts, the joys you’ve cultivated, the obstacles you’ve worked through. This isn’t about living up to someone else’s definition of success; it’s about recognizing the things about your life that you are deeply proud of. For fun, ask three trusted friends what they feel your biggest accomplishments are, and add them to your list. Post it somewhere where you will constantly be reminded of the resilient powerhouse you are!

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