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Trust Yourself & Be Comfortable in the Unknown | DAY 25

What would it take to really trust yourself?

Sometimes, it can be challenging to trust ourselves. We live in a society that encourages us to look outside ourselves, to external authorities who “know better” than we do. We might have been raised in families that told us to shut up, be obedient, and not give in to the nagging questions we had about life—to simply assume that someone else already had it all figured out.

Trusting yourself is so important, because it makes you more confident in taking bigger risks in your life…risks that can lead to being happier and more open. It also allows you to be more comfortable in the questions, which take you into the heart of the unknown, rather than rushing to find answers.

Although you might not hit it out of the ballpark every single time, the willingness to trust yourself is one of the most important ways you can begin to develop a consistent dialogue with your intuition. The more you practice trusting yourself, the more toned your intuition muscle will become—and the louder and more insistent that small still voice within will become.


Today, assume that you have all the answers you need. Instead of seeking the guidance of an expert, go with your gut. Take the leap of faith and ask yourself: What do I really want? Ask yourself this question and act on your intuition, in both small matters (like what to wear to your best friend’s birthday party) and large ones (for example, how to deal with the conflict in your intimate relationship). Practice being decisive, even in the face of the unknown. Instead of trying to get it right, go with your gut. And don’t feel the need to qualify “yes” or “no” with an explanation or apology!

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