Week 4 Days

Make a Bucket List | Day 23

What do you most long for in your life?

Be honest with yourself as you answer that question. Remember that there are no limits to this answer. Many of us have been conditioned to only see certain desires (the perfect job, partner, or house) as acceptable. Others of us insist that we don’t know what we desire, but my guess is that when this is the case, it’s because we are fixating on what we don’t want.

You need to give yourself the chance to actually dive into your desires, like a little kid writing a letter to Santa Claus and allowing yourself to be as uncensored and “unrealistic” as possible. Sometimes, the need to be realistic can keep you from feeling the full force of what you want, which is the fuel you need to fulfill your dreams. Let yourself get big, messy, and totally excited here.


Write out a list of at least ten things that you would like to create and/or manifest in your life. Let yourself dream big and dive deep into what you fervently desire. These things can be tangible or abstract, skills you wish to cultivate, places you want to see before you die, or resources you’d like to have more of. If you have trouble figuring out what these things are, think about the kinds of feelings you want to generate. After all, at the end of the day, it’s not the goal we are chasing; it’s the feeling that the goal will offer us that truly matters!

Take note of what it feels like to focus on your true desires. Can you make the choice to focus on specific intentions for things and experiences you would like to bring about in your life? Commit daily to applying choice to your internal dialogue by focusing on what you want, and what you value.

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