Week 3 Days

Be Your Own Best Friend | Day 16

What are the qualities your ideal best friend would have?

The best way to BE yourself is to LOVE yourself—in the way an encouraging, loving friend who thinks the world of you would. And even if we already have that awesome co-pilot in our lives, we could all use some assistance in being our own best friends and creating an unflagging internal support system that we know we can count on, no matter how crazy the rest of our lives might be. Besides, even though we can’t always depend on other people to support us in the ways we want, a foundation of self-love and self-support helps us attract people who will similarly honor us.

We have everything we need to take care of ourselves and flourish in our lives, and when we treat ourselves with the utmost kindness and respect (and, of course, a dose of tough love when it’s necessary), we will show up exactly as we are—because we know every last part of the beautiful woman we are is loved and loveable.


Think of a challenge you are experiencing that brings up frustration or tightness in your body and emotions. How do you usually react when this issue comes up? Now, picture your best friend or imagine a person with the qualities of an ideal best friend. Instead of going into your own story and habitual emotions and reactions, imagine what your best friend would do. Maybe they would hold you and let you cry or vent. Or perhaps they would remind you of what a badass you are and insist on taking you out for a night on the town. Maybe they’d simply ask you what you need in this moment. Whatever the case, listen to and take in what they’re saying; now, give yourself the very thing that they would give you.

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