Week 3 Days

Connect With Your Purpose and Passion | Day 21

What if you could manifest the ultimate YOU by figuring out how to best serve the world?

Now that you’ve explored your tribe, your values, your boundaries, and what yes and no mean to you, I hope that you are feeling more confident about asserting yourself—all of YOU—in your life. When you determine what matters to you, how you want to be treated, and how you wish to be treated by others, it becomes easier to connect to your life from a place of passion and purpose.

Your passion is the greatest service you can give to the world. And it is truly the heart of your purpose. Now, purpose is a word with many different meanings, but for now, let’s define it as what you want to birth into the world—whether this is through a specific project (for example, a business devoted to an important cause that you’ve been dreaming of for the past several years) or through a quality you wish to cultivate (for example, bold confidence).

Your purpose is your service to the world.

Let the passion that is associated with showing up fully as YOU in the world—with all your values, opinions, and desires—be the driver of your purpose. Believe that it will inspire you to be even more YOU than you already think you are.


Brainstorm your purpose in this life. Find out who you are when you show up fully as yourself, no matter what. What are three simple actions you can take to live out this sense of passion and purpose? If you have trouble coming up with three actions, check with the people who are closest to you and ask them, “Where am I, what am I doing, and who am I being when I’m in my element?”

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