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Treat Yourself to a Day of Yes | Day 19

What are the things, people, and situations that make you come alive and say yes?

In some ways, the purpose of understanding and being aware of our no is getting to our yes. By that, I mean: everything that naturally magnetizes us…that turns our bodies, hearts, minds, and souls on…that allows us to step into our joy.

Now, mind you, getting to yes isn’t always easy. As women, we are trained to fear our desires, or to even deny their pull. We have all kinds of reasons for not saying yes to life (unless, of course, we’re doing it out of guilt or obligation) and to our sources of joy. Sometimes, we might not even know what our yes is, which is why we need to tune in to what our bodies, minds, and souls are trying to tell us. So pay attention to what’s going on inside you, and instead of looking for reasons or justifications, recognize the call of your intuition—which wants to take you to yes and to the places where you can experience life’s abundance.


Just as you used your gut to determine your “no,” do the same thing today to determine your “yes.” Instead of sticking to prefabricated routines and habits, check in with yourself and ask where your yes lives. Maybe it means sleeping in, just because. Or maybe it’s about buying yourself a gorgeous bouquet of flowers (again, just because). Notice the phone calls, appointments, visits, and conversations that light you up and allow your body and soul to express your yes. Notice the places where you want to say yes but you are experiencing fear or hesitation. Give yourself compassion, even if you don’t always move consistently toward your yes today. Think about what it would take for you to get to yes, and be sure to journal about it. Just like yesterday, be unabashed and leave your guilt at the door.

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