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Be Courageous, Be Direct, Be Real | Day 20

What if speaking truth was the kindest thing you could offer yourself and others?

We are usually conditioned by our earliest caretakers and guardians to “tell the truth no matter what,” yet our society doesn’t genuinely seem to appreciate people who are honest. Think about it: We tend to equate simple, childlike honesty with thoughtlessness or stupidity, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. Sugarcoating our reality to make ourselves and others feel better or more secure is downright ludicrous. But throughout our lives, we brainwash one another to only disclose half-truths rather than the whole truth.

Imagine how much easier things could be if we and the people who surrounded us felt we could actually be real with one another, from a place of compassion. If we could just tell it like it is? And by telling it like it is, I am not encouraging you to be selfish, hostile, or downright shitty. I am just talking about taking the time to check in with yourself so that you can speak, act, and make choices from a place of authenticity. This kind of radical honesty could help us to circumvent a lot of the fake or unpleasant interactions we might experience in our day-to-day.


We might not be able to get others to be real with us, but we can start by being real with ourselves and others. Practice honesty in all your interactions today—and this includes conversations with yourself. If someone asks you how you feel, take a moment and check in to figure out the honest answer to that question. How do you really feel? Speak what is true every moment of the day—especially when it feels a little scary or edgy. (Remember, fear is your ally!) Notice the moments when you don’t feel you can answer the question—or when you want to, but feel reluctant. As always, be compassionate no matter what—and in the spirit of experimentation, push yourself out of your comfort zone just a bit! Be the mama bird teaching her babies to fly—by shoving them out of the nest!

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