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Define Your Tribe | Day 17

Who are your people?

Second to having our own back, knowing who’s got our back and who wants us to succeed and thrive in our lives is extremely important. Some of the connections that we make come from proximity (friends that live close by so it’s convenient), loyalty (they’ve been in our lives for a long time, so we feel obligated to remain in contact), or a sense of commiseration rather than inspiration. And truly, our “tribe” comprises all kinds. Some of the people in our lives will be the ones we’ve chosen with open arms—others will be the ones whom destiny tossed onto our doorsteps, and although the lessons might be wonderful, it won’t always be easy sailing.

All the same, mindfulness about the people and behaviors that most support our growth is the key to great relationships. You might not be able to cut out an annoying relative, but for each annoying relative, you can at least ensure that you have the kind of friend who’ll be there for you in those sprawled-on-the-bathroom-floor-and-freaking-out moments.

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List the qualities you desire in the people who are in your tribe and make up your support system. Now, compare this list to the people who are actually in your life. Are they aligned? From this inquiry, make a clear choice. Perhaps you need to cut out a toxic friend who throws backhanded compliments in your direction or undermines your truth. Or maybe you will want to strengthen a relationship that has potential. Consider how you can take action that supports you to thrive and also enables you to be the kind of friend you’d want.

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